Git Branch

Current Branch

ecs-publish uses the current git branch to determine several things:

  • the name of your EC2 Target Group: mypackage-branch
  • the name of your ECS Service: mypackage-branch
  • the awslogs-stream-prefix when using the awslogs log driver: prefix-branch
  • the host header when creating a Route 53 Resource Record:
    • if on the default branch:
    • if on any other branch:

Additionally, the abbreviate SHA of the current commit will be used as a suffix when tagging any images in non-default branches, e.g. 1.0.0-b45e463bca.

Setting NODE_ENV based on branch

ecs-publish can dynamically set the NODE_ENV environment variable in your task definition based on git branch pattern matching.

master will be considered the default branch. To override, set the default field to true for the desired branch:

  "region": "us-east-1",
  "branches": [{
    "pattern": "master",
    "NODE_ENV": "production",
    "default": true
  }, {
    "pattern": "dev",
    "NODE_ENV": "development"
  }, {
    "pattern": ".*",
    "NODE_ENV": "local"